What Does R&R and R&I Mean On My Houston Auto Repair Estimate?

Here in Houston, we have personally seen the rapid changes in car repair over the past few years. What has happened in 10 years of the automobile repair industry is more than decades combined would bring in years past.

If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten your car repaired, you’re probably wondering what these new changes are and how they will affect you getting your car repaired. But even if you are aware of some of the changes, chances are there are things you and other Texas drivers may not be aware of.

For starters, the days of getting a free estimate at your local body shop are more of a thing in the past than anything else. This is because there are a lot of steps that go into even getting an estimate, which causes there to be fees that would be covered by your car insurance.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have the right to choose where you get your car repaired. There are no “in-network” body shops in collision repair like you hear from your health care provider. You’ll probably feel pressured from your insurance company to go to a body shop that they “already picked out for you.” But the choice still remains in your hands where you get your car repaired.

That said, the only way technicians can give an accurate and thorough repair estimate of what needs to be done to your car is from a complete repair plan. This can only be done once they take apart your car to see the damage and know the steps to be done to provide you with the highest quality of repair for your car. Because of the advancements in today’s cars, it requires specialized training and following the repair procedures laid out by your car’s manufacturer. These are known as OEM repairs and are individualized for each specific make and model.

So, what can you do to get things moving on your car repair?

Once in a while, you’ll receive an initial estimate from your insurance company. This gets the ball rolling but it is not complete or the final cost of the repair. There will most likely be additional hidden damage that will require a supplement and could possibly total the vehicle. 

A proper and thorough diagnosis of vehicle damage and a repair plan is likely to contain a lot of lingo and jargon that is unfamiliar to you. Today, we are explaining two terms that show up frequently on a repair estimate and customers find confusing. Those terms are R&R and R&I.

What Is R&R? 

R&R on an estimate stands for “remove and replace.” Remove and replace occurs when a part is removed from a vehicle that cannot be repaired. As a result, the removed part is replaced with a new one. Some auto repair technicians might attempt to repair the part before replacing it with an entirely new part. However, R&R typically refers to removing the damaged part and replacing it with an entirely new replacement part.

Car repair is extremely complex nowadays and requires extensive training from technicians. Not following OEM repair procedures can cause the advanced safety features (commonly known as ADAS) your car is built with to no longer work. This is why it’s critical you take your vehicle to be repaired at a body shop that knows the importance of following OEM repair guidelines.

The complexity of car repair today creates more steps that need to be paid attention to, or it can create lasting damage to your vehicle. As mentioned above, a repair technician would know if a repair calls for R&R only after they complete a thorough diagnosis of the vehicle. This comes after the car is taken apart so technicians can accurately asses the damage and see what needs to be repaired. Keep in mind that the “replace” part of an R&R repair does not mean a replacement of the damaged part with it being repaired. R&R is a replacement for an entirely new piece for the car.

What Is R&I?

Unlike R&R, where a part is entirely replaced, R&I stands for “remove and install.” This happens when a part is removed from the damaged car and reinstalled later. The removed part may even be repaired separately if required. Just like in R&R, remove and install calls for a thorough inspection of the vehicle to accurately determine what needs to be done to the vehicle. Highly trained technicians will be able to diagnosis the vehicle and repair it following the repair procedures laid out by your car’s manufacturer, including OEM repair procedures. As we mentioned above, these are unique to each individual car. No repair is ever the same.

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