OEM Certification: The New Normal For Collision Repair

If a body shop told you they were OEM Certified, would this mean anything to you? Is it a deciding factor? Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve got your car repaired, so this is something new you’re hearing. Or maybe you just got your car repaired and don’t know what that means. No matter what the case may be, not knowing what a shop means when they’re OEM Certified is completely normal. We’re here to let Texas drivers like you know just how important it is and what it means when getting your car repair.

The Ugly Truth

Due to the advancements in car safety technologies (such as ADAS), car repair has never been more complicated. As a result, these technologies being a standard in almost every new car have increased the requirements for repair technicians when working on your car.

You see, many technicians will approach a repair out of “experience,” claiming they know how to repair your car instead of researching the exact repair procedures from the manufacturer. Some do this because they are under the gun from Insurance companies to perform faster and cheaper repairs. If this happens, corners are cut in the repair process and you’re left with an unsafe vehicle. You read that right: your nearly “repaired” vehicle is now an open target to getting in an accident.

OEM Repair Procedures

There is a reason why your car’s manufacturer releases repair procedures and that’s because your safety is the top priority. These repair procedures are commonly known as OEM repairs. OEM is short for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” These are the highest quality and safest repairs out there for your car because they come directly from the vehicle’s manufacturer. 

When a shop becomes OEM Certified, the shop has invested in the training for its technicians to know how to perform a repair the right way. Not to mention, they are equipped to handle any repair that comes into their shop. Any parts that are used are ones designed specifically for your vehicle that is guaranteed to have a perfect fit. OEM repairs also keep the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) your car is equipped with to perform their designated functions properly. 

If a shop doesn’t perform an OEM repair on your vehicle, many things will happen. The value of your car will decrease, parts won’t fit, and the ADAS might not perform its designated functions. Not to mention, your safety will be at risk. 

You would think OEM collision repairs would be a requirement in all body shops. However, most states don’t even require a technician to have a license to work on your car. Texas is one of them. As mentioned above, the best shops will invest in continuing education for its technicians and follow OEM repair procedures.

Becoming an OEM Certified Body Shop

Although many body shops still neglect to follow these OEM repair procedures, the best body shops know the importance of OEM certification. This is why it’s quickly becoming the new normal for collision repair. The shop owners will have paid for everything the shop needs to maintain the highest quality of repair possible for that brand, from the equipment to something as simple as a car battery. 

Being an OEM Certified body shop also comes with responsibility, since these shops have committed themselves to follow the guidelines and never take any shortcuts in the repair process. These trained technicians are fueled with the passion to not give you anything then that for repairs on that brand of cars. 

Where In Houston Can I Get My Car Properly Repaired? 

We at Total Auto Services only repair vehicles following OEM repair procedures because that’s the type of repair you deserve out of a body shop.

Car repair can be an extremely stressful time, which is why we’re here to help! Our team of technicians are highly trained in auto body repair and know the importance of following repair procedures laid about by the car manufacturer. We never take any shortcuts in the repair process and want to provide Texas drivers with the best auto body repair out there for their car.

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